My name is Aron and I was born and raised in Hawaii, USA. I graduated from the University of Hawaii with a BA in Art Studio and a focus in drawing and sculpture, while dabbling with photography on the side. My passion for photography really took off when I made the move to Japan which has been one of my goals since I can remember.  Now working in Tokyo and living in Saitama, my life in Japan has opened so many doors and pushed me to become an aspiring photographer.

I started off taking pictures on just my iPhone and using other creative photo outlets, such as Instagram and VSCO camera. But I finally invested in my first real camera; now shooting with a Fujifilm X-E2.  In this day and age, one can really grow into an artist and further polish their craft and I'm thankful how accessible and fun this new generation of art can be.  It really inspired me to grow and put myself out there in terms of expressing and sharing my work. I've met so many other great artists and creative like-minded people along the way that have taught me so much and helped me believe in my photography.  And this website is just the beginning of my next adventure.