Sunshine to Me

Two weeks ago I stayed at my friends house in Hayama. Her name is Sachiko, who is a artist and designer that goes by the name of Sunshine To You, and that's exactly what she brings to anyone who meets her!  When it came to 2015 New Years, I literally thought of the happiest person I know in Japan and really wanted to start the year off right with positive energy, so I called her. Ever since then, my little weekend getaways at her house never fail to bring me joy and comfort. 

Her house exemplifies calmness and light, and it's no wonder they filmed several commercials here, including Muji. There is so much detail, life, and personality in everything she does and I am so happy to spend time with her in her ocean-side house that sits on top of a mountain. A weekend full of sun, swimming, good food and beer, hiking, cooking, and laughs is everything I need to enjoy the summer!