Summer Matsuri 2015

I love summer so much!  Even though it's twice as hot and humid than Hawaii, it really makes me feel like I'm back home!  There's just so much life and energy, not to mention the trips to the beach and also drinking beer more than usual.

The cherry on top for me though is definitely the matsuri!  Last summer, I was busy working a lot so I didn't have any chance to go to a matsuri.  This year, I made sure it was my priority and changed my schedule around so I could experience these festivals.  I went out of my way to buy a Yukata and also a Shibori kit, since I love indigo dye, and added the blue details to my yukata myself!  I really felt like I encompassed the whole feeling of summer in Japan when I put on that yukata.  Not to mention feeling really cool wearing it too, haha!

(photo of me by David Buchler)