A change of space

* photoshoot update: finally added the Nagano gallery! *


I've lived in Japan for 2.5 years already... I can't believe how time flies!  So the timing was right and it just felt like a perfect opportunity to move, so I packed up my life in Yono town and moved to Urawa!!!  Which is actually just two stations away, so it was not all that bad; still in Saitama prefecture.  Even though the towns are quite close, the vibe is completely different! Yono was a very small and quiet "bed-town" that had like 3 restaurants.  The only neighbor I made friends with was a Shiba dog named Meister, whom I miss dearly...  But on the other hand, Urawa is much much bigger and busier, with cafes', shoppings malls, countless restaurants and parks, and even a movie theatre. 

The left picture is my apartment in Yono.  I'm so grateful to have started my life in Japan in this cozy space... ♡
And the right picture is my brand new apartment in Urawa!  Not only is it more than twice the size of the Yono apartment, but it's also a brand new building, being built only 1 year ago!  The only downside is it's a big social residence, so I have to share all the facilities, like the kitchen and washrooms.  But it's not as bad as I thought, and settling in after a month has been nice, especially with all the different tenants living here (half are Japanese and half are foreigners).  I have to say, I am so much happier here!  The huge room, giant windows, tons of sunlight, high-tech appliances...it's just a bright and fresh space.  I really have to pinch myself sometimes... I never would have thought moving to Japan, I could live in such a nice place!